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Insight, focus, and well-being through mindfulness

The Mindfulness Institute—through its programs, coaching, and trainings—supports individuals, teams, and organizations in developing mindfulness, clarity, wisdom, compassion and inner sustainability. Insight, focus, and well-being through mindfulness practice

The Mindfulness Institute offers:

Mindfulness teacher training programs
Public mindfulness programs
Training for healthcare providers in mindfulness
Training business and community leaders in mindfulness
Research, insight and analysis on mindfulness


Mindfulness Teacher Trainings

The Mindfulness Institute develops and teaches pioneering teacher training programs in the UK and USA. These professional trainings qualify people to teach mindfulness programs in a variety of settings. The Institute also offers specialized teacher trainings for specific populations in education, healthcare, business and psychology.

Mark Coleman

Founder and Principal, The Mindfulness Institute

  • Upcoming Events

    Solstice Meditation Retreat
    With Lori Schwanbeck
    Esalen, Big Sur, CA
    December 19 -21

    During this retreat we will use meditations, ritual, time in nature, inquiry, and group exercises and discussion as ways to explore this theme of transition. Participants can leave clear and courageous to take the next steps to create an inspired life.

    Info and Registration

    Awake Mind, Loving Heart: Living a Mindful and Compassionate Life
    Esalen, Big Sur, CA
    December 21 - 26, 2014

    Come learn how to abide in the heart of loving presence. Awareness as developed through mindfulness practice, and the qualities of love developed through loving kindness (metta) meditation, are essential and beautiful aspects of living an awake life. During this course, we will explore the ways that mindfulness leads to clarity and insight and how love opens the heart and allows a kind embrace of ourselves and life. This fusion of love and mindfulness supports a compassionate response to the pain that we encounter in ourselves and in the world.

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