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Insight, focus, and well-being through


The Mindfulness Institute—through its programs, coaching, and trainings—supports individuals, teams, and organizations in developing mindfulness, clarity, wisdom, compassion and inner sustainability. Insight, focus, and well-being through mindfulness practice.

The Mindfulness Institute offers:

Mindfulness teacher training programs
Public mindfulness programs
Training for healthcare providers in mindfulness
Training business and community leaders in mindfulness
Research, insight and analysis on mindfulness

Mindfulness Teacher Trainings
The Mindfulness Institute develops and teaches pioneering teacher training programs in the UK and USA. These professional trainings qualify people to teach mindfulness programs in a variety of settings. The Institute also offers specialized teacher trainings for specific populations in education, healthcare, business and psychology. For more information about our teacher trainings, please visit


Mark Coleman

Founder and Principal, The Mindfulness Institute

  • Upcoming Events

    Insight Meditation for the Curious
    with Noah Levine and Mark Coleman
    Spirit Rock, Woodacre, CA
    March 31 - April 3, 2015

    Have you ever been curious about Insight Meditation? This silent retreat will teach the essentials of this practice and offer key Buddhist teachings. We will explore ways to awaken our mind and heart so that we can learn to live a life of wisdom, compassion, inner peace and freedom.

    Info and Registration

    Mindfulness Facilitators Retreat
    with Diana Winston, Bob Stahl, and Mark Coleman
    Spirit Rock, Woodacre, CA
    June 22 - June 28, 2015

    This retreat is for those who are currently facilitating or plan to be facilitating mindfulness, or for clinicians using mindfulness in therapeutic interventions. Cosponsored by UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center.

    This unique retreat, for those who currently facilitate or plan to facilitate mindfulness, will offer an experiential understanding of mindfulness practice through retreat format as well as tools, exploration, guidance and support around facilitation.

    Info and Registration

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