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Insight, focus, and well-being through mindfulness

The Mindfulness Institute—through its programs, coaching, and trainings—supports individuals, teams, and organizations in developing mindfulness, clarity, wisdom, compassion and inner sustainability. Insight, focus, and well-being through mindfulness practice

The Mindfulness Institute offers:

Mindfulness teacher training programs
Public mindfulness programs
Training for healthcare providers in mindfulness
Training business and community leaders in mindfulness
Research, insight and analysis on mindfulness


Mindfulness Teacher Trainings

The Mindfulness Institute develops and teaches pioneering teacher training programs in the UK and USA. These professional trainings qualify people to teach mindfulness programs in a variety of settings. The Institute also offers specialized teacher trainings for specific populations in education, healthcare, business and psychology.

Mark Coleman

Founder and Principal, The Mindfulness Institute

  • Upcoming Events

    Awake in the Wild: A Natural Liberation
    with Mark Coleman and Wes Niker
    Spirit Rock, Woodacre, CA
    September 8-14, 2014

    This retreat will be held in silence and follow a traditional schedule of mindfulness sitting and walking meditation and nature based meditation practices that help us learn from the wisdom of the natural world. The Dharma talks and discussions will present both traditional Buddhist views of self and reality, as well as from evolutionary biology and deep-ecology. The retreat is suitable for both beginning and advanced meditation students.

    Info and Registration

    Loving Presence: The Union of Mindfulness and Love
    Durango Dharma Center, Durango, CO
    October 10-12

    Participants will cultivate awareness through mindfulness meditations and develop a compassionate orientation through heart opening practices. Teachings will focus on the integration of love and awareness so mindfulness practice is fused with a kind receptive presence. We will also inquire into what obstructs the natural expression of the heart and what hinders us from being fully present in the moment.

    Suitable for people new to meditation and for experienced students wishing to deepen and broaden their practice of mindfulness.

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