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Insight, focus, and well-being through


The Mindfulness Institute—through its programs, coaching, and trainings—supports individuals, teams, and organizations in developing mindfulness, clarity, wisdom, compassion and inner sustainability. Insight, focus, and well-being through mindfulness practice.

The Mindfulness Institute offers:

Mindfulness teacher training programs
Public mindfulness programs
Training for healthcare providers in mindfulness
Training business and community leaders in mindfulness
Research, insight and analysis on mindfulness

Mindfulness Teacher Trainings
The Mindfulness Institute develops and teaches pioneering teacher training programs in the UK and USA. These professional trainings qualify people to teach mindfulness programs in a variety of settings. The Institute also offers specialized teacher trainings for specific populations in education, healthcare, business and psychology. For more information about our teacher trainings, please visit


Mark Coleman

Founder and Principal, The Mindfulness Institute

  • Upcoming Events

    Monday night class at Spirit Rock
    Ongoing class - check with registration
    Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre, CA

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    Online Meditation with Mark
    Mark has contributed over 80 meditations to - a digital health and wellness platform for meditation and yoga training. Try 1 month of whil’s full library for free using this code: MarkColeman60


    Mindfulness Teacher Training in the US
    San Francisco, CA
    September 2016 - June 2017

    This unique yearlong training combines transformational cultivation of your own mindfulness practice and systematic development of mindfulness teaching skills, that will enable you to successfully teach a variety of mindfulness programs with confidence and clarity. You will be part of a small, committed, focused group of like minded individuals where you will receive skilled guided direction and personalized instruction that will allow you to flourish as a mindfulness based facilitator.

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    Living a Mindful and Compassionate Life
    December 18-23 , 2016
    Esalen, Big Sur, CA

    In this creative week of meditation practice, you can discover how these qualities are intimately related and mutually supportive, and why they are necessary in any journey of awakening in learning to live wisely and kindly in the world. We will draw guidance from the teachings and practices of the Buddha, and inspiration from the other great teachers and poets who beautifully expressed in words and actions the power of awareness and compassion in the world.

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