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Giving Back

In these troubled times it is essential for those that are given so much to give back to those who have so little. The Mindfulness Institute is committed to giving back in three ways:

1. Donating a percentage of its profits to organizations that are working to relieve suffering and bringing justice and sustainability into all arenas of life. Every year the Mindfulness Institute will discuss which organization we will be donating to and select one from organizations that support youth, veterans, and the environment.

2. Offering courses in Mindfulness and Sustainability that illuminate the connection between our inner lives and life around us. Specifically, these courses will address how mindfulness informs and supports wise choices in relationship with ourselves, each other, the planet, and its resources.

3. Offering its services pro bono to select organizations and scholarships for clients that are creating positive change in the world but are unable to afford the cost of the trainings.