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Our Methods

Mindfulness Practice

“Mindfulness” is the power of attention. It is the ability to be present, self-aware, and cognizant of others and one’s environment. It is an intentional, present-moment awareness, without reactivity or judgment. It is the quality of mind that allows us to see the bigger picture, and to bring a power of observation to all that we do. It is mindful attention that allows us to be emotionally intelligent, socially aware and skillful in our interactions with others.

With skilled guidance, mindfulness can be systematically cultivated and developed through practices, training the mind in a similar way to training the body at the gym. It is the ultimate mental workout. Through the Mindfulness Institute this happens via a combination of ancient and contemporary mindfulness meditations and techniques, coaching sessions, retreats, mindfulness lectures, and workshop presentations that all help to hone a person’s attention.

By using mindfulness techniques, you will:

• Create within yourself a greater sense of clarity and calm, an awareness of purpose and the ability to achieve your full potential;

• Develop a greater sense of interconnectedness, cooperation, and compassion with others;

• Build a more effective work environment with a greater sense of productivity, efficiency, and the capacity for intelligent decision-making;

• Feel inspired, engaged, and a greater sense of purpose in life.



We offer various techniques that are immediately applicable to life and work situations. Grounded in self awareness practices, we draw on methods that cultivate essential human and leadership qualities, including: empathy, compassion, self-observation, communication, clarity, focus, and intuition.