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The latest neuroscience research reveals that mindfulness greatly improves well being and also increases the ability to manage stress,  to focus and manage difficult emotions.

Mindfulness also increases self-awareness, improves concentration, and can unleash creative potential that comes from avoiding negative, distracted forms of thinking and reactivity. This presence allows you  to effectively respond to stress and transform problems into learning situations.


90% to 100% Strongly Agreed / Agree to the following: 

• I learned new knowledge and skills from this training.

• I will be able to apply the knowledge and skills I learned in my job.

• The instructor presented the material in a manner that was easily understood.

• The examples, activities, and blend of techniques enhanced my learning.

• I would recommend this course to my peers.

• This training was a worthwhile investment in my career development.

• This training was worth my time away from the demands of my day to day work.

• This training will improve my job performance.

• The training was incredibly insightful and will put the learnings into action.

Specific feedback

• Mark Coleman was extremely engaging, sharing knowledge in a variety of ways including research information, poems, even humor.  Mark was able to convey information in a very personal way that resonated with me.  The activities were helpful and demonstrated how easy it can be to take the first steps toward mindfulness.  I particularly enjoyed getting simple tips on how to integrate mindfulness into your life.  This training was definitely worth my time and I look forward to incorporating mindfulness immediately into my life.

• Overall, great workshop, and I’ve definitely going to try to put some of those strategies to work in my life.

• I really enjoyed the 3 pt check in to help us be mindful. I’m glad to know/learn that 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation can be very effective in the long run.

• The multiple ways of which Mark led us through meditation – I loved how I improved with each exercise, proving to myself that I can in fact meditate if I find and practice the right approach for me.

• I appreciated being part of the team during the training and witnessing the openness of the team to learn more about mindfulness – and to begin some of the practices.

• This was a big subject to squeeze into a short amount of time. Mark was excellent at providing the team with a taste – and in a way that made everyone eager for more.