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Teacher Training

Mindfulness Professional Teacher Training
With Mark Coleman and Martin Aylward
In the UK in 2015 and in the US in 2016

This unique one-year training combines professional teaching accreditation from the Mindfulness Training Institute with transformational development of your own Mindfulness practice and systematic development of your teaching capacity.

With this course you will:
-Develop and refine your own practice of embodied Mindfulness
-Enhance your capacity for applying Mindfulness in your personal and professional life
-Understand the historical context in which Mindfulness practice has its roots
-Contribute to bringing powerful Mindfulness-based interventions into emerging 21st century culture
-Work with renowned Mindfulness teacher Mark Coleman, who has over 15 years of Mindfulness teaching experience on courses internationally as well as leading mindfulness trainings in corporations throughout the US. Mark will be joined by Mindfulness experts specializing in neuroscience, psychology, and diversity, as well as experts skilled in teaching Mindfulness in the fields of psychology, education and healthcare.

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Awake in the Wild Meditation in Nature Facilitator Training 2016-2017
with Mark Coleman

The training will be inspired by the book Awake in the Wild (AITW) and by the wilderness retreats led by Mark Coleman for more than a decade across the Americas. This is Mark’s soul work and he is delighted to share it with a group of dedicated nature practitioners.

This training is for people who care deeply about the earth and who have a profound connection with nature through their own direct experience and contemplative practice. Equally important it is for those who feel called to take people deep into nature with a spirit of reverence and contemplation.

This program will have two residential retreats per year with Mark in California or the western states. There will also be monthly online tutorials and your own personal nature-based work and practicum.

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