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What We Do

Our trainings help people develop mindfulness and compassion as key ingredients for a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life.  They assist in optimizing your potential both at work and in every aspect of your life. Our methods help people to live and work with:

• Self-awareness—Mindfulness is the key building block for self awareness. That core competency helps you to; develop emotional intelligence; communicate mindfully; empathize and have compassion toward others; cultivate an understanding of others’ needs, perspectives, and situations; and possess greater resiliency, flexibility and responsiveness;

Integrity—know your values and act on them with authenticity and intention;

Balance—retain an ability to work with emotions; act with less reactivity and unchecked assumptions; think purposefully; cultivate a calm presence; and balance life and work for greater happiness and productivity;

Empowerment—recognize their personal decision-making power to transform their life and the world;

Inspiration—act with energy and motivation to be productive, creative, and ethical; and use wise decision-making based on their true values.


Consider mindfulness a personal sustainability practice: it not only creates a happier, well-rounded person, but supports greater performance and resiliency in the workplace, and develops a healthier organization.


Talks & Lectures

Mark Coleman and the team at Mindfulness Institute have been delivering talks and lectures in the US, Asia, and Europe for over a decade. They are available for speaking engagements, keynotes, lectures, and workshop presentations.

Themes can include, but are not exclusive to:

• Mindfulness and the Workplace

• Mindfulness and Law

• Mindfulness and Psychology

• Mindfulness and Communication

• Mindfulness and Customer Service

• Mindfulness and the Environment, Ecology, and Sustainability

• Living a compassionate life

• Mindfulness as a vehicle to happiness

• The art and science of mindfulness

• Mindfulness and personal sustainability

To read and hear what people are saying about The Mindfulness Institute’s work with individuals and companies, please see our Results and Our Clients pages.